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The Benefits From What We Provide


F & S Landscaping follows a proven design and planning process in which the client is an integral part. We stay connected, listen, and respond to your needs. Through every phase of the design process, we stay focused on the site users and their needs. From concept design to pricing and construction, we know how to work with owners, project managers, contractors, and other consultants.

We use only the best available plant materials. Most of the plants we use are Texas grown. We will never use inferior or underrated products during the installation process. We are always there to supervise our crews during any landscape installation. All of our plantings receive the best organic fertilizers and soil amendments, and we never use synthetic chemicals.

We use only the best available construction materials. Whether it's a brick patio, wood deck, an arbor or an outdoor kitchen, we have the capabilities to provide the type of setting you desire. Our abilities also enable us to construct water fountains, install landscape lighting and many ohter features desired for outdoor gardens.

After the installation process is complete, F & S Landscaping offers excellent garden maintenance programs to insure your plants thrive, stay watered, and look healthy. We also offer lawn service, cutting your grass and feeding your lawn as well. Infestations are a thing of the past for you as we also monitor that as well and treat all insect concerns with only the finest organic materials. No chemicals are used in our maintenance programs.

Providing water to your garden is a very important part of any garden project. We design the system using only the best available materials on the market and provide you with a state of the art system to water every plant in your garden. All irrigation systems include a rain sensor and an automatic controller to make the job easier for you to maintain. All systems are installed according to the most current standards.

The Value of Landscaping


Landscaping seems like a personal choice to many people, something that you do simply because you will enjoy it. There is a lot more to it! Well designed professionally installed landscaping enhances your entire community.

Upgraded landscaping not only adds beauty to the neighborhood, it can also raise property values by as much as 5% - 15%. Landscape upgrades can also produce oxygen and reduce temperatures.

Best of all, real estate experts say that your landscaping investment will payoff within 5-10 years after installation by as much as 100%-200% when it is time to sell. You will enjoy your new landscape, but so will your friends, your neighbors, and your environment!

So, call F&S Landscaping at (281) 812 - 2909, your landscape professionals with over 45 years of combined experience. No job is too big or too small.



“I really like how F & S uses organic solutions...not that chemical stuff, which in turn is better for both the enviornment and the plants...all of the landscape that surrounds my home benefits from this practice.”


Stacy Wingham,
Landscape customer

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“ F & S did a wonderful job on a walkway/koi pond project that lead a trail from the back door of my house to the fence line which had a koi pond and fireplace set-up.”


Steve Wilburn,
Hardscape customer


Member of Texas Nursery and Landscape Association

Organic Horticulture Benefits Alliance